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Retarget Your Way To Sales: AdRoll Banner Packs

Retarget Your Way To Sales With AdRoll

Retarget Your Way To Sales: AdRoll Banner Packs

AdRoll is a growth platform through which businesses can sync their ads across websites, social media, email and more, to retarget consumers.

In most businesses location is key. At BannersMall, we know that display advertising is no different. Placement makes all the difference. And of course, beautiful and functional web banner designs don’t hurt either.

This is why BannersMall offers packages tailored just for AdRoll, in GIF and HTML5 formats (AdRoll has started supporting HTML5 ads as of April 2018).

AdRoll places your ads everywhere that your target audience goes, so that your business is top of mind—something that’s crucial to move clients through the sales funnel. It’s also something that’s non-negotiable—with the number of ads consumers see in a given hour, let alone in a given day, the only way to break through the clutter is through an organized and strategic campaign.

Here are some ways to make sure your campaign strategy is effective from our friends from Kimp, our favourite unlimited graphic design service:

Keep It Simple

A display ad is not the place to articulate every value proposition of your business’—through images or through copy. Choose an area of focus (i.e. your strongest selling point) that you want to hook customers with and be consistent in reinforcing it.

Stand Out

From the fonts used to the images selected in your AdRoll banner design, be sure that everything is working in concert to make your ad stand out. But don’t be overpowering—there can be too much of a good thing. Excessive capitalization of text is one example of this. Not only will this make your add appear like spam, it could actually get your ad suspended.

Maximize Your ROI

High click rates are ideal, but not the only indicator of success when it comes to a banner campaign. You stand to gain a lot from brand exposure as well. Make sure that your logo and any other brand assets have a prominent place in your design.


Encourage your visitors to click with exclusive offers and strong calls to action. Offer discounts of a percentage or dollar value off the selling price, grant exclusive access to products, buy-one-get-one deals, or free shipping. And if that shipping is express, even better.

On social media in particular, engagement has become more important than ever. With updates to Facebook’s algorithms the chances of ad appearing organically on friends’ newsfeeds have reduced but are not eliminated. By incorporating questions into the ad’s message or title, interaction can be encouraged and with interaction comes organic exposure.

Test And Learn

In total, 20 AdRoll banner sizes supported in the GIF format and 10 sizes supported in the HTML5 format. In order to figure out the right combination of banner ads for a campaign, it’s important to upload your ads in as many sizes as possible to determine where the highest impressions will be generated from.

BannersMall offers 2 packages exclusively for AdRoll – our AdRoll GIF Pack (20 sizes for $289) and our AdRoll HTML5 Pack (10 sizes for $389). We know that deciphering ad sizes and guidelines are the last things you want to be doing when you’re just trying to execute a campaign to increase conversions—so we take care of the entire design process. Including revisions should your ads be rejected for any reason related to the design.

Think Longevity

Your business will be around long after any one of your campaigns. And in fact, the lifespan of your brand depends on the creativity and continuity of your campaigns. Simply put, you’ve got to keep advertising to ensure that you remain top of mind for customers and for each of your selling points.