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Get Googled With A Google Ads Banner Pack

AdWords Banner Pack

Get Googled With A Google Ads Banner Pack

At Banners Mall, we’ve been creating web banners and display ads since 2003. Just 3 years shy of the launch of Google Ads, which was on October 23, 2000 with 350 advertisers.

In that time, we’ve worked with over 12 000 clients and have created over 250 000 banner ads.

We’ve seen our fair share of digital platforms to advertise via in the past 15 years and Ads continues to rank high. It consistently remains widely endorsed by businesses of all sizes. And this is at least in part because it generates about $2 in revenue for every dollar spent.

In addition to revenue the intangible benefits of brand recognition and exposure are also important to note. Consumers around the world turn to Google first to search for more information on products and services they’re interested in learning about.

Just think about the last time you needed to know about something – if Googling it wasn’t the first thing you did, it was likely the second.

When consumers research their purchases, Google Ads help get relevant businesses in front of them. Known as intent marketing, this form of advertising is profitable because it’s powerful.

Getting your offerings in front of an audience that is already interested in your wares is like getting access to prequalified leads—closing the deal is that much easier because you know they’re already interested!

Another perk of working with Google Ads is that you only pay for your advertising when consumers click to visit your website or call. This is especially valuable for small businesses with fledgling marketing budgets. As is the location targeting feature.

Whether you’re targeting a local or regional audience, Google Ads’ functionalities will allow you to get in front of the most relevant customers.

A few other ways AdWs helps you effectively market to your target audience:

  • Helps you target highly specific searches with keywords
  • Allows you to retarget via Google Display Networks or Google Search
  • Assists with optimization for certain devices, e.g. mobile
  • Measures your results so you can test, learn and optimize
  • Advertises on niche sites which are Google Partners

If you’re ready to start advertising, or to ramp up your advertising efforts, Google Ads is a highly effective platform to use. And Banners Mall’s Google Ads banner design service will help you leverage it.

We offer a rejection-proof service because we’re invested in making your campaigns successful. Even when your banners are designed according to Google’s technical requirements, there are times when they may be rejected.

With Google becoming increasingly strict on ad content to better regulate the quality of display ads, there can be any number of reasons an ad is disapproved. It can be frustrating and a major inconvenience as you spend time away from your core business trying to get your campaign off the ground.

Banners Mall clients can rest assured, if your banners are not approved, we’ll make all of the revisions required so that they are. Whether you are interested in Google Ads, AdMob or AdRoll Banner ads, we’ve got you covered.

We offer specially priced packages which take into account Google Ads’ banner sizes and specs (including all 20 sizes supported by AdWords) in GIF format (for $489) and HTML5 format (for $389).

From square and rectangle, to leaderboard and skyscraper, to mobile sized banners, you’ll receive all the sizes you need to effectively target customers and promote your products.

You can be campaign ready in just 4 steps:

1. Place Your Order.
Just the click of a button and you’ll be done. Submit your payment securely and receive a confirmation of your order within minutes.

2. Provide Your Feedback
Let us know what you think of your custom design(s). We’ll make the changes you request promptly.

3. Approve Your Design
When you’re happy, we’re happy. Whether you’ve requested one design or five, we’ll bring to life what you’ve envisioned.

4. Start Your Campaign
Within hours for rush requests, or 1-2 days for regular orders, you’ll have your new brand assets. Upload and share away.

And if you need a lot of graphic design completed, but without the rush service that BannersMall provides, we’d recommend trying out Kimp. It’s our favourite unlimited graphic design service!