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Get Click-Worthy With An Animated Web Banner

Animated Web Banner

Get Click-Worthy With An Animated Web Banner

Trying to figure out how to generate clicks that become conversions? For starters you’ll want to invest in animated web banner design services.

Almost all individuals and organizations will opt for a GIF or HTML5 web banner because they are animated. This is because the chances of engagement and conversion optimization are much higher.

In animated banner designs, the combination of images and text create a sense of motion and repetition. Both of these components are important to generating a sense of curiosity about a problem or opportunity and communicating a service or product as a solution.

For instance, in an initial frame, a question can be posed to which a company can present its tailored solution. In this way you can effectively roll out new products, kick off a campaign, and share new elements and assets of a brand.

Animated banners can be used on advertising platforms, such as Google Adwords, AdMob, AdRoll, social media networks and on websites. Their versatility, and ability to be optimized for the digital spaces where your target audience is, makes them a great tool to leverage.

And there’s no doubt about it – digital spaces are where your target audience is. Across generations, an increasing number of consumers complete their research on purchases they plan to make online.

Social media is undeniably a big player in this space as an influencer. But we all know the first thing we do when we want to look something up—we Google it.

Which is why Google is also one of the first ad networks that comes to mind when any company launches a banner ad campaign. And it’s also why part of planning a campaign is inevitably considering your AdWords, AdRoll or AdMob banner design.

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. Beyond just reach, it allows you to measure your results so you can identify how effectively your campaign is performing and course correct as needed until you achieve the results you want.

For all these reasons and much more, it is important that you follow Google’s banner specifications. The cost of looking the other way is much higher than you would want to pay. It’s not just about a beautiful design and catchy copy going to waste.

It’s missing out on Google’s ad network and the power to advertise over Gmail and more than 2 million websites and 650 000 apps in highly targeted ways.

Working with Banners Mall, figuring out banner specifications isn’t something you’ll have to worry about at all. We focus on the nitty gritty, so you can stay focused on the big picture for your brand.

You can count on your ads always being created in all of display ad sizes supported by AdWords, AdRoll and AdMob including: square, small square, banner, leaderboard, inline rectangle, large rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, half-page ad, large leaderboard and mobile leaderboard.

Our packages, which offer you the greatest value for your campaigns, start at $149 for 5 GIF Banners and $259 for 5 HTML5 Banners.

Designing with the most common display ad sizes in mind means your banners are being prepared to display across different types of websites without any issues.

This comes in handy to support your targeting methods for your campaigns—however simple or complex they may be. Targeting can be done based on placement (which websites you want to appear on), context (using keywords related to your products and services), topics (from an existing list of page topics), interests (from an existing list of interest categories), or remarketing (through the use of cookies).

Whatever ways you mix and match your strategies to reach your audience, making sure your banner design is following Google’s banner specifications is one step you can’t afford to miss.

If you happen to be a pro when it comes to knowing Google’s banner specs, and just need a hand keeping up with the volume of designs you need, check out Kimp our favourite unlimited graphic design service.